Saturday, December 04, 2004

Finding The Right Spice

Finding the Right Spice

Anyone who cooks or bakes, most likely skips over recipes that you would like to try, but cannot find - or have never heard of - a spice or seasoning that the recipe calls for. I know one of many recipes that I wanted to try calls for powdered oregano; not to be found! We have a 12 Sq. Ft. cabinet of mixed and various spices, and it's still too small. You can never have enough spices or seasonings.

There are hundreds of spice sites out there for what you need. I would recommend finding a spice distributor that handles FRESH spices and spice mixtures, and avoiding companies that offer seeds such as kalonji or charnushka that are old and tasteless.

Take a gander at on-line catalogues; you will find what you need and be pleasantly surprised.

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