Monday, January 30, 2006

Green Chili with Pork in Bread Bowls

A delightfully tasty meal that can be as mild or hot as you like.

2 Lbs Pork Tenderloin 3/4 inch diced
1 1/2 Cup Flour
2 TBS Powered Cumin
1 TBS Garlic powder
1 tsp Ground black pepper
1/2 Cup vegetable oil
1 Can Chicken Broth
1 Can Beef Broth
1 Can Chopped Green chilies
5-10 Slices of jalapeno or habanero peppers that have been coarsely diced
1 TBS jalapeno juice or habanero vinegar

Mix flour, cumin, garlic powder, black pepper in a zip lock bag. Add diced pork and shake so all the pork is well covered. Add vegetable oil to large pot, and bring to very hot. Add floured pork, and brown. Save the flour. Add broths to pot, and the remaining ingredients. Simmer for several hours. The heat must be VERY low, or the mix will Burn or stick to the bottom of the pan.

After an hour of simmering, mix the remaining flour with hot water, stir to make a paste, and add to the pork. Continue to simmer for another hour to have the flavors absorb into the pork mixture. This will be a very thick mixture, so be sure to keep the heat on the lowest setting possible. Add water if necessary.

Serve this in a bowl or in a bread bowl which is absolutely delicious. We made a French sourdough bread bowl recently and used that. If you bake the bread bowls in a greased chili bowl - normally 5" - 6" in diameter by 3" x 4" deep, then scoop them out - this works perfectly.


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